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The tour agenda

Future, present and past events of the we exist tour project.

Please, help us to spread it.

Next Events

Screenings 2019

These are some of our events of the year of the we exist tour project. Check the great venues where it has been carried out and if you have suggestions, please contact us. We are all part of the change.

German Tour

FilmfestGlobal day

Bastimento film festival

Bastimento film festival
Lumière Theater

Pati Llimona - Ficab

Pati Llimona civic center - Ficab

Previews & Pre-Screenings 2018

Prior to the beginning of the tour, we have made some selected preview screenings in different cities. There, we have certified how strongly emotional is its impact on the audience, and also how powerful is its claim about the necessity of raising awareness about this cause. This is why every and each event has had a very interesting post-screening chat, where everybody expressed their thoughts and willings, wanting to know more.

Hamburg event

Refugee Circle
Reinbek Church
Kampnagelfabrik Theater
Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg church event

BMZ (Ministry)
Walldorf School
Deutsche Welle Movie Theater
Gauss University Circle
Berlin. Bonn. Braunschweig, Germany

Zumzeig event

Zumzeig Movie Theater
Barceloneta Civic Center

"For the millions of people who fled and keep on fleeing from hunger and misery, violence and war, persecution and social injustice"