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The we exist tour project is a network of people and institutions who want to contribute to its cause. In fact, it’s a network of networks, as it is conceived to take place in different cities and countries. And the more we are, the more we will be able to raise consciousness and visibilize this great injustice. So, any help is welcome.

Here are listed some ways of supporting the project. Please contact us if you want to put on practice any of them or if you have any doubts. Also in case you want to propose or explore new ideas of participation.

Be a regular volunteer

Be a partner

The we exist tour project is developed and coordinated by us, a team of enthusiastic volunteers, who believe in this project as a path for social awareness and transformation. This is why we want to reach as many places as we can, coordinating as many events as possible. So, more hands are needed… Can we count with yours?

Host an Event

This is the main purpose of the project, to create and coordinate events, understood as spaces where to share experiences and to create consciousness about injustice in other people realities. So, if you have a place where a we exist tour project event can take place, please contact us.

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Be an occasional collaborator

Be a partner

You can help the project giving some of your time in many other different ways: making it regularly visible to your community; helping in the organization of an specific event; providing crucial information and contacts; sharing your experience and ideas; etc… Contact us and let’s explore how you can contribute!

Be a donor

Be a partner

If you want to support in the distance, or you don’t have time to participate physically, then you can still help the project, either contributing to its funding, through the donation of money, either contributing to its needs, through in-kind donation (e.g. you provide something that the project needs: something you already have or something you buy for the project). Any kind of donation helps!

Be an sponsor

Though you can donate whenever you want through the donate section, you can also be an official sponsor of this non-profit social project, either sponsoring the project itself, either sponsoring an specific event of your liking (for example, an event that takes place -or could take place- in your community). Please contact us if you’re considering to support this cause.

Be a partner

Other ways of being part

Be a partner

There are more ways of helping the project to be discovered.
So, if you find another one that fits for you, please don't hesitate to contact us!

"For the millions of people who fled and keep on fleeing from hunger and misery, violence and war, persecution and social injustice"