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Host an Event

This is the main purpose of the project, to create and coordinate events, understood as spaces where to share experiences, thoughts and doubts about injustice in other people realities. Organized in different countries at different social venues such as communities, civic centers, schools*, churches, universities, theaters, cinemas, etc, it is an important contribution to raise consciousness in your neighbourhood, in your communities, schools or universities and reach the people that might be inspired to change their minds. An invitation to think about what is going on in our world and become part of a movement that helps us fighting for a better future.

*If you are an school, or if you want to host an event in a pedagogic way, visit our Educational tools page.

Hosting an event is

screening of the we exist documentary

having a post-screening dialogue between your audience and cause-related people

offering other possible extras such as testimonies, performances, live music, poetry, etc

Hosting an event means

making this project and its cause visible for your community

taking an action against a huge tragedy that affects humanity

creating deep consciousness in an space of free speech and dialogue

offering an experience where to discover other realities and cultural expressions

contributing for a better world and a more open minded citizenship

To host an event you need

a venue (indoor or outdoor) where to gather people

a community to invite

an equipment to make the screening possible*

*The screening equipment (tv monitor, projector with screen, sound speakers, etc...) can be yours, loaned or rented. We can also help you to find it and to help in any technical issue you might have.

To host an event we provide

the we exist documentary

the we exist tour project communication designs and materials

the contacts of people near you, related to the cause, that would help with the organization and/or participate in the event as speakers, musicians, etc…

the presence of Lucian Segura, the creator of this project, and the rest of the team (if possible)

the assistance you need (face-to-face and/or online) to make it possible*

*As this is an activist social project, we strongly depend on your inspiration when it comes to spread it out in your community, as we are a small team in a project that takes place in different places and countries. But of course we will always be enthusiastically ready to help you make it possible, with all our experience.

So, if you have or know about a place where a we exist tour project event can take place, or you are interested in making it available for your community, please contact us and together we will figure out how to make it happen.

Let’s share ideas and information, build relationships and contacts for a future collaboration!

Check the events made at:

The tour agenda

"For the millions of people who fled and keep on fleeing from hunger and misery, violence and war, persecution and social injustice"